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Masyaa Allah Tabarakallah, in addition to focusing on the IT field, IDN students are also trained to have an independent and strong spirit in adapting to the environment, one of which is in the EduRace program.

EduRace is a cross-city travel competition. Each group was given limited provisions and given the challenge of visiting the destination by clueming the place they were going to and utilizing various means of transportation and minimal funds.

Alhamdulillah, on Monday, September 12, 2022, the students have traveled to the Bank Indonesia Museum and the 3D Art Museum.
The purpose of holding this activity is expected to be:
1. Removing the boredom that exists in school
2. Introduce students to the kinds of public transportation
3. Train student leadership and independence
4. Train the teamwork ability of students
5. Train communicating with strangers
6. Train students to determine strategies
7. Train students in making decisions

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